Club Tour in Seoul



with local


/ per person


Tour Description

Meet Up

We will be meeting near either Itaewon(line6) or Gangnam(line2)station.

Choice of Club1

You can choose a club that you want to visit.
(I have free access to most of clubs in Itaewon and Gangnam)
In the price, one table and 3 bottles are included.(Choice of Tequilla, Champaign, Vodak)

Choice of Club2

In here, I recommend you to enjoy without getting a table :)
Sometimes it's more fun on the stage.

I worked in many different Clubs before.
I know what club is better for you and your preferred style.
During the tour, I will help you to enter two different clubs.
With me, most of clubs are free to enter, and to I can also get you couple of free drinks at the bar.
(only works for few clubs tho)
This tour is either 'with Local', or 'without Local' as you wish.

About Local

Hi if you are interested in club touring, please contact me.
Tell me which genre you prefer, I can take you to a right place to have fun.
In the Price, vodka, champaign, and tequilla is included,
and if you wanted to be seated in the table, it depends on the day you visit, especially in the weekend.
So, please contact me first for price-wise.
Thank you!


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