Korean Home-Style Cooking



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Tour Description

Pick Up

I will pick you up at Pangyo Station(Red Line by subway) or anywhere in Bundang, Gyeoggido.


I will do the demonstration and little bit of explanation about ingredients and how to cook. You will be cooking more about 3 different menus.

Self Cooking

It is time for you to cook this time. But don't worry I will be helping you :)
After self cooking, we will taste each others dish, and start eat what we've cooked. It could be your dinner, or you might have to go out and find some restaurant in some cases. lol

Drop Off

I will drop off everyone to Pangyo Station. But please notice if there's more than 5 people, some people might have to catch taxi :(

I will be teaching how to cook easy, and simple Korean home-style cooking.
There will be about 2-4 menus.

Option of MENUS are Below :
Hot Pot Bulgogi, Potato Pancake, Tofu Kimchi, Seafood Soft Tofu Stew, Seafood Korean Style Pancake, Korean Style Fried Chicken, and so on.

You will get to choose 1 menu for your self cooking.
After cooking class, we will eat and chat with each other.
You are okay to bring some drinks but too much alcohol is not recommended.

About Local

Hi my name is Jungmoon.
I will teach you how to cook Korean Foods such as;
I have a Cooking Studio/Bar in Sungnam City where you be able to learn how to cook, how to deal with the ingredients, and how to eat as well.

요리에 관심있으신 한국분들도 연락주세요~
다양한 쿠킹 클래스를 운영하고 있으니, 퇴근 후 1시간 정도 집에서 간단하게 만들어 먹을 수 있는 식사부터,
혼술하시는 분들을 위한 안주 등도 알려드립니다 :)


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