Hanriver Cruise



with local


/ per person


Tour Description

Meet Up

Yeouinaru Station, Exit #3

Cruise on Han River

Live Music on the boat



We go to Han river and take a cruise first and then we move to Gangnam.
It takes about 40 minutes by subway. You can choose which place you want to go there.
I reflect it. we can go to pub or nightclub for more fun.
Make sure you bring your passport to be admitted.

About Local

Hi, I am Yura.
I live in Bucheon but enjoy hanging around in Seoul.
If you’re satisfied my tour, I will be able to guide anywhere else someday
Actually, I am not experienced as a tour guide but I’m sure I can handle you guys because I’m responsible for your expectation of this tour.
I hope you will have great experience with me.


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