Jjimjilbang with MC DDORI


MC ddori

with local


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Tour Description

Meet at Seoul station

Korean Bath House(Sauna)

Jjimjilbang Tour

Jjimjilbang Snack Time

PM 7:00 meet at Seoul station, and go to Siloam Sauna together
PM 7:30~ 8:30 Korean bath house(If you don’t want to take bath, you can go to jjimjilbang right away.)
PM 8:30~ 10:00 jjimjilbang tour(go to Ice/hot room in there and have a game and singing room) Korean young people have a lot of game culture in there. We will try all of that just like Korean drama.
PM10:00~11:00 jjimjilbang snack time. There is a boiled egg that is brown and sikhye, the sweet rice drink. Korean always eat those thing after having bath. It’s traditional thing that I learned from my dad. And if you want, I can take photo of you and video by my camera.

About Local

Hi, I’m jongdae. I’m YouTuber in Korea. You can watch my video about my jjimjilbang tour.(https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuLgmNGbTXf3IOuo5lj3a_A) If you love Korean drama, I’m sure that you have watched jjimjilbang scene. In jjimjilbang, you can do whatever you want. Restaurant, singing room, ice/hot room and so on, all that you need is in there. And oh, if you don’t decide where to sleep, you can just sleep in there. We, the young Korean usually meet in the jjimjilbang and play in there and sleep in there until next day. Me and my friend, also youtuber MC DDori will guide you. Are you ready to get laugh in jjimjilbang?  


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