Jeju Taxi Tour



with local


/ per person


Tour Description

Pick Up

I can pick you up in everywhere in Jeju. Just give me the address where you are at, and I will find you.

Choice of your destinations (avg.3~6)

Any choice of destination is fine :)

Drop Off

Hotel, Airport, etc. Everywhere in Jeju works for me!

I will help you 8 hours of your tour Day&Night.
If you don't know where to go, I can give you many options to go and you can pick 5 or 6 destinations from my list.
If you know where to visit, just let me know and I will take you there, and I will also help you to understand at any place.
Jeju has many good places to enjoy leisure sports, and sightseeing. And of course I know many top restaurants you should visit.

About Local

Hi My name is Chang Keun Cho.
You can call me Mr.Cho or AJEOSSI.
I am a global taxi driver in Jeju. I can speak Korean, English, and Spanish.
Jeju is one of the must-visit place in Korea.
Once tour started, I will give you the choices of places to visit.
You can choose where you want to go. Depends on the time and weather, you will visit 4~5 places per day.
Dinner price is not included in this driving tour.
Hope to see you soon.


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