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Tour Description

Meet Up

We will meet at Hapjeong station exit #8

History of Makgeolli

History and general understanding of Makgeolli will be explained.

Making Makgeolli

I will teach you how to make Makgeolli at home.

Makgeolli Tasting

We will try 7 types of Makgeolli (including one special flavour that many Korean people don't even know!)

Dinner with Makgeolli

Korean people like eating Pajeon (green onion pancake) with Makgeolli. Therefore, for your experience, we will have Pajeon dinner together with your favorite flavour of Makgeolli. I will also let you know the Korean style drink etiquette :)

During this journey, you will get to try 7 different kinds of Makgeolli (including one flavour that many Korean people have never tried before!). In addition to the tasting experience, you will also learn the history behind Makgeolli and how to make it at home!

After having a better understanding of Makgeolli, we will have some delicious Korean dishes, such as Korean seafood pancake, with your favorite choices of Makgeolli for dinner. (Please contact me first to check availability before booking)

About Local

Hi there! My name is John. I am a Makgeolli School Graduate & Makgeolli Blogger. Makgeolli is a local traditional alcohol made from fermented rice, but it's not well known to foreigners compared to its long history. To see is to believe. Come & taste it!


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