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Tour Description

Meet up

I will meet you at Cheongdam station first.

Visit the beauty salon

I will bring you to the beauty salon which is hidden in the Korean celebrity's neighborhood.


Your 1:1 beauty stylist will transform you into a KPOP star!

Dinner or Go PARTY~

We can either have dinner together at the Sinsa area (Dinner fee is not included),
or if you have other appointment, you can go with your pretty make up and hair!!!

Are you a Kpop fan? Don't you want to become a Kpop star?

Here come's your chance!!

I will bring you to the No.1 beauty salon favored by Korean celebrities in Cheongdam-dong. (Cheongdam-dong is one of the most expensive neighborhood in Seoul, and where a lot of celebrities live!!!)
This beauty salon styles over 500 celebrities like Park Shinhye, Song Jihyo, Han Jimin, TVXQ, SNSD, Afterschool, Jay - to name a few.
The studio is in a very private area where a lot of tourists don't know about! They offer services such as hair design, makeup, nail care and wedding consulting. Please let me know which category you would like to try =]

從最等級的Head SPA護理到1:1商談造型,專門的設計師能讓你變得跟少女時代一樣漂亮 :) 很多明星,例如:孫藝珍 、李鍾碩、宋智孝、李聖經、IOI等等的明星都是他們的常客唷!上次我去的時候還撞見"江南"的前女友!快跟我一起去吧!!!

About Local

I was born in Taiwan, grew up in Canada, and now I am living in Korea!!!
I love Korea so much that I know a lot of funny random facts about this beautiful country!!!
Join my trivia night tour today!!!


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